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Integrated Security and Anti-terrorist Protection

Integrated Security and Anti-terrorist Protection

In facility project design, a special section "Integrated Security and Anti-terrorist Protection" is developed. It is an integral part of the projects for the most technologically complex and unique facilities, as well as facilities with mass people stay. The work is carried out within the framework of basic guidelines of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, law enforcement agencies, the Government and the Mayor of Moscow city.

As part of the project documentation generated section, the solutions ensuring integrated and counter-terrorism security of facilities are stipulated. The section is formed in accordance with the project statement, then it passes approval order pre-agreed with the Customer.

The main parts of the section are:

  • Explanatory Note.
  • Zoning the territory and critical points of the facility.
  • Requirements for activities ensuring public evacuation
  • Other requirements at the stage of construction.

As part of engineering design solutions, in the above-mentioned sections facility project risks assessment is formed; proposals and requirements for facility protection system construction are made; goals, objectives and principles of facility security are set; requirements to the technical solutions and organizational measures and for organizational and technical documents are collected.

Complete set of components of the Section is a descriptive and informational part of the requirements set by project designer after he got them from the customer at project design stage. Graphic documents are also provided. Generated solutions are provided in a strict logical order, in order to create the object and its location within security complex aimed at physical protection of the object.

Interaction of the Section components stipulates accepted variants of eqipment location, integration and commutation with specified facilities.

This section is independent and is issued as a separate volume within project design documentation based on project design assignment and guidance documents.