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List of Civil Defence Activities, Measures on Emergency Prevention and Management

List of Civil Defence Activities, Measures on Emergency Prevention and Management

PM GOChS Section of project documentation is a document containing the list of activities aimed at emergency prevention and emergency risk decreasing, protecting the population and territories from emergencies, reducing property damage from man-made and natural emergencies, as well as hazards arising from warfare, sabotage or terrorist acts in a territory or a facility.

The scope and content of engineering activities of civil defense are determined depending on the group of cities and facilities economy categories, considering territory zoning according to possible effects of modern weapons and their secondary damaging factors, as well as the nature and extent of potential accidents and natural disasters. The scope and content of engineering activities aimed at preventing natural and man-made disasters depends on the degree of potential hazard of the facility and adjacent facilities, results of engineering research, evaluation of natural conditions and the environment.

The main objectives of PM GOChS section are developing a set of organizational and technical measures aimed at protecting areas, personnel and public from hazards arising from warfare or acts of sabotage, preventing natural and manmade emergencies, alleviating their effects.

PM GOChS section is meant to inform federal and local authorities of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations of executive authorities of the Russian Federation on potentially hazardous production facilities, in order to organize control of their safety measures, assessment of adequacy and effectiveness of emergency prevention and response at the facility, since industrial activity of the facility poses potential threat to their own production, staff, surrounding population and personnel.

PM GOChS section is developed at engineering design stage of construction, reconstruction, expansion and modernization of buildings, facilities and their complexes. This section contains a set of technical solutions providing proper training and sustainability of the facilities within a "special period" and emergency. In case of emergency Timely implementation of engineering activities allows in case of emergency to reduce loss of life and minimize possible damage and in a short time to implement emergency response plans.

Civil defense activities are organizational and specific actions undertaken in the field of civil defense, in accordance with federal laws and other normative and legal acts of the Russian Federation. (Federal Law of 12.02.1998, № 28-FZ).

Emergency prevention is a complex of activities carried out in advance and aimed at the greatest possible reduction of emergency risk, preserving human health, reducing damage to the environment and material losses (Federal Law of 21.12.1994 № 68- year FZ).

List of documents required for PM GOCHS Section development.

  • List of obligatorial documents required for PM GOCHS Section development:
    1. Input data and requirements for PM GOCHS Section development.
    2. General explanatory note of the project.
    3. General and situational plan of the facility including adjacent buildings, existing and (or) designed outdoor fire hydrants.
    4. Floor plans and section of the building.
    5. Schematic diagrams of power supply, indoor and outdoor lighting ("Power supply and lighting" section of the project).
    6. Schematic diagram of wired radio, telephones, TV ("Low-voltage systems or devices" section of the project).
  • Documents, in case they are provided by the composition of the project:
    1. Alarm system schematic diagram.
    2. Fire alarm system schematic diagram.
    3. Internal firefighting system schematic diagram.
  • Documents for projects of production facilities:
    1. Technological solutions.
    2. Power supply solutions.
    3. Technological ventilation.
    4. Automation.
    5. Environment protection.