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Local Alert System (LAS)

Local Alert System (LAS) is organisational and technical facility including dispatching service, hardware alerts, network broadcasting and communication lines for data transmission to the public.

The Purpose of Local Alert System

Probability of fires, explosions, toxic releases and other emergencies is particularly high at potentially hazardous facilities. For preper public warning about emergencies hazards Local Alert System (LAS) are created.

For each facility the area of adjacent territory to-be-warned is regulated.

In case of emergency, Local Alert System (LAS) should provide warning signals and data transfer to:

  • Facility staff and management;
  • Facility aouthorities and civil defense services;
  • Heads of facility duty services located in the area of LAS;
  • Operational duty services of the bodies exercising civil defense control on the territory of the country, city, urban or rural areas;
  • Population living in the area of Local Alert System operation.

The structure of Local Alert System may include:

  • A set of technical tools of local telephone station;
  • Universal warning units;
  • Individual components units;
  • Switching messages units;
  • Control panels;
  • Switching broadcasting unit;
  • Local warning receivers.