Engineering center

Construction of a separate industrial production of methylchlorosilanes "KZSK-Silicon"

Engineering Center GOChS "BASIS" performed the following works for the facility "Construction of a separate industrial production of methylchlorosilanes "KZSK-Silicon":

- adjustment project dokumenattsii SMIS;

- development of SMES working documents.

Customer: VPO "KNRTU" PI "Soyuzhimpromproekt"

Located on the territory of JSC "Kazan plant of synthetic rubber" production of methylchlorosilanes is a complex of industrial, warehouse, energy and transport purposes. Products designed production belongs to a class of silicone compounds.

Organosilicon compounds have high heat and frost resistance, moisture resistance, a small change in physical properties over a wide temperature range, biological inertness. Thanks to these properties, they are widely used in aerospace, aviation, mechanical engineering, electronics, medicine and other industries.

The largest industrial use of the entire range of silicone monomers have Methylchlorosilane. They are main raw material for the production of most of silicone polymer products. The volume of production is about 90% of all other combined silicone monomers.

In industrial use methylchlorosilanes receive direct interaction of elemental silicon powder with gaseous methyl chloride. The process is carried out in fluidized bed reactors at an elevated temperature and pressure.

As the result of the reaction, a complex mixture of methylchlorosilanes is formed, the composition of which can vary depending on the process conditions: temperature, pressure, ratios of catalyst addition, quality of silicon and methyl chloride, and the synthesis reactor structural features.