Engineering center

Launch complex of "Soyuz-2" space rocket at Spaceport "Vostochnyi"

Engineering Center GOChS "BASIS" performed the following works for the facility "Launch complex of "Soyuz-2" space rocket at Spaceport "Vostochnyi":

- SMIS development of the TSA;

- SMIS design documentation;

- SMIS development of working documentation;

- Supply of equipment;

- Construction and installation work;

- Commissioning work.

Customer: OJSC "31 GPESS"

The launch complex is designed for receiving space rockets of the family "Soyuz-2" with AU, including automatic spacecraft, cargo ships, upper stage "Frigate", block "Volga" of prelaunch and start-up operations after the start, as well as carrying out works in the event of failusre to start.

The launch complex is created in universal design. It ensures carrying out preparations for the start-up and launch of ILV "Soyuz-2" of the middle class (steps 1a and 1b) and light class (phase 1b) for launching payloads in the interests of customers and public on a commercial basis.

The launch complex is part of the space rocket complex "Soyuz-2" at the spaceport "Vostochnyi" and it is created as an object of new construction.