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Combined Complex for Cross-Country Skiing and Biathlon Competition. The Second Construction Phase. Cottage Village.

Combined Complex for Cross-Country Skiing and Biathlon Competition. The Second Construction Phase. Cottage Village was equipped with SMES* system.

The Combined Complex is designed for competitions in cross-country skiing and biathlon, has the capacity of 16,000 viewers for each competition, includes Olympic mountain village (1100 seats), access road, construction of an additional route for the loopback, and ls located in Psekhako Ridge. Refers to the second construction phase, Cottage Village.

The object of the 5th category of complexity (especially unique object: it has no analogues in domestic practice, and is located in the area of protected landscape). The complexity of the subject required the development of protective activities on snow retention, as well as assessment of hazardous geological phenomena and processes development, and developing engineering protection of the object.

The construction site of theCombined Complex for Cross-Country Skiing and Biathlon Competition with the capacity of 16,000 viewers for each competition, Olympic mountain village is located in Adler district of Sochi, 55 km to the east, in 6.5-10.0 km north-east of Krasnaya Polyana village, Krasnodar Region.

The area of the planned construction is located on the crest of Psekhako ridge, about 2,0-6,0 km north-east from Esto-Sadok Adler village, the district of Sochi, on the territory of Sochi National Park.

The differential of absolute surface marks of the projected area, from the north to the south is 1,374 - 1,413 m; from the west to the east - from 1,338 m to 1,375 m.

Construction of a cottage settlement including the following items was planned:

  • Detached cottage-houses;
  • The tunnel under the ski slope E1;
  • KTP 5-6;
  • KTP 5-7;
  • Rainwater and wastewater ground;
  • Fencing with the check-point.

In the central part of the village ground, close to the recreational pond, the residential area of new cottage development is located. It consistes of comfortable wooden houses (28 pieces) interlinked by required fire breaks.

Due to the cramped conditions of the construction site, 20 cottages located on the upper terrace, from the east side from the recreation pond are interlocked. The rest of the houses (8 pieces) are detached single houses located on the lower terrace, from the south of the recreational pond.

Specialists of EC GOCHS "BASIS" developed:

  • the list of civil defense activities,
  • measures for prevention of natural and man-made emergencies,
  • the design project of the Structured system of monitoring engineering systems.

*SMES is Structured System of Control and Monitoring Engineering Systems of Buildings and Facilities.