Engineering center

Small Ice Ice Hockey Arena in Sochi

«Small Ice Hockey Arena in Sochi»: capacilty is 7,000 seats, prefabricated structure, Imeretinskaya lowland (engineering design and survey works, construction), Sochi, Adler region, Imeretinskaya lowland.

Main technical characteristics:

                                          1. Capacilty – 7 000 seats;
                                          2. Construction area – 9 710 м²;
                                          3. Total building area – 22 870 м²;
                                          4. COnstruction volume – 231 780 м³.

Specialists of Engineering Center GOChS "BASIS" worked on SMES engineering design, scientific and methodological support.

SMES is Structured System of Control and Monitoring Engineering Systems of Buildings and Facilities.