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Airport Terminal Complex in Sochi

The project of Passenger terminal of the Airport Terminal Complex in Sochi was designed in 1990 by "Sloveniyatseste» SCT, Ljubljana.

The building of the airport complex is located in a narrow "belt" between the apron and the main road to Krasnaya Polyana and existing buildings and facilities in the north.

The present building of the airport complex consists of two volumes. The main two-storey building area of 29,818.0 volume m2 has dimensions in terms of length - 441,220 m., Width - 81,365 m (excluding piers). In the main building two main technological floors are located.

Above the main volume, on 4 vertically arranged cores, communications, the volume of the 5th and 6th floors hangs over.

In addition to these floors there are five functional floors.

The mark the first floor varies from - 6,600 meters in the lowest part to - 5,110 meters in the highest part of the eastern side of the object. The mark of the second floor is taken as a "zero" mark (± 0.000 m). All other building's marks are identified in relation to the level of the second floor. The mark of the highest floor - the sixth floor- is + 23,760 m. The highest point of the building above ground level is + 44,550 m.

The Airport Terminal of "Sochi" is divided into several functional areas. Service area for passengers are placed on the first and second floors. The first floor is arrival zone, the second floor is departures zone. Each zone impersonate-divisible by 3 sectors: "A", "B" and "C".

Sectors "A" and "B" are intended to serve domestic passengers, the sector "C" - for passengers of international airlines. Sector "A" in the winter, when the carriage at the airport are seasonal decline, does not work.

The first and second floors are subject to basic technological purpose buildings - Airport terminal. Built-in gallery is made of glass and metal and partially closes the existing facade. Monotony of the glass surface closes the facade.

Reconstruction of the existing facilities and construction of new power facilities is provided: the construction of the central distribution unit of paragraph 2 (CRP-2 SOUTH), reconstruction of transformer substations (KTP1, KTP2), a central distribution point 1 (CRP-1 North), construction of new transformer substations in the territory of Airport Terminal Complex in Sochi.

Reconstruction of water supply and sanitation is organized: sanitation pumping station, sewage treatment and urban water supply facilities.

Specialists of Engineering Center GOCHS "BASIS" performed the works on development of SMIK and SMES, scientific and technological support of works on project documents development.