Engineering center

Figure Skating Centre after E. A. Chaikovskaya

SMES* equipment is to be installed in the Complex of capital sports facilities at the address: Moscow, Strogino area. Tallinnskaya street, bld. 40, at the intersection with the Marshal Katukova street.

Complex of sports facilities consists of two blocks, united by a common architectural solution:
- the 1st unit - "Figure Skating Center after E.A. Tchaikovsky", a hockey palace with stands for 1,500 seats and a two-storey space lobby with a lobby and a snack bar for the audience.

- the 2nd unit - a block of sports facilities and common areas for residents of Strogino area.

The structure of "Figure Skating Center after E.A. Tchaikovsky" (1st block) includes:

- a lobby foyer with buffet (common to both units);

- an ice training hall of 61m x30 m;

- a dressing unit for skaters and coaches;

- rooms for choreography classes and s trength training;

- office (administration) of E.A. Tchaikovsky;

- facilities for temporary accommodation of athletes at 26 locations;

- 61x30 m ice-rink with stands for 1,500 seats;

- a block cloakroom,

- coaches and judges premises;

- Block Press and VIP premises;

- administration premises;

- 8 lanes bowling.

The unit of sports facilities for residents of Strogino (2nd block) includes:

- universal gym (42mx24 m) with stands for 400 seats;

- pool hall with seats for 300 people;

- pool hall with children's bath 9m x 16,5 m;

- hall for training sessions and athletic training;

- block cloakroom and coaching for the halls;

- block cloakroom and coaching for swimming pools;

In stylobate part, areas of water treatment are located. Under the whole building,basement parking for 255 cars is located .

Specialists of Engineering Center GOCHS "BASIS" performed work on creating SMES (including engineering design, installation, adjustment and commissioning) of the Figure Skating Center of the school of E.A. Tchaikovsky, the indoor pool, sports halls, parking lots.

*SMES is Structured System of Control and Monitoring Engineering Systems of Buildings and Facilities.