Engineering center

The State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia (The Bolshoi Theatre)

SMES equipment is going to be installed onto the object: «The 2nd stage of reconstruction, restoration and technical equipment of the main complex of buildings of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia at: Moscow, Theatre Square, 1 (without making external engineering networks)."

The second phase of restoration and renovation of the buildings of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia include:

  • - the main building of the Bolshoi Theater,
  • - the service building, located in the house № 3/5, Petrovka street (so-called "House of Khomyakov"),
  • - as well as the newly constructed underground volumes of the lobby under the Bolshoi Theatre Square, Schepkinski lane, Kopevski lane and a sidewalk of Petrovka street.

Functionally the 2nd stage of the restoration, reconstruction and technical equipment of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia is divided into three well-defined zones:

  • - spectators' part of the new underground lobby at the Bolshoi Theatre Square,
  • - scenic part of the underground warehouse hard scenery under Kopevski lane
  • - and the service building.

Audience and scenic zones constitute two halves of the aboveground volume of the main building of the Theater. Below the ground level, spectator zone occupies the top 3 underground levels beneath the Bolshoi Theatre Square and a part of the space on the top of 2 levels under Schepkinskii lane. In the central part of the underground space, spectators' and scenic areas are separated. Between the main colonnade and the orchestra pit penetration is not performed. In contrast, the service building and scenic area in the above-ground parts are different facilities, although they are integrated under the ground.

Technical and economic indicators:

  • Area - 1.37 ha.
  • Built-up area - 9016.2 m2
  • The total area of the building - 12,521.2 m2
  • The main building - 7279.5 m2
  • Service Building (Khomyakov House) - 1736.7 m2
  • Top mark of the building - 38.8 m
  • Lower elevation of the building - 20.7 m

The reconstruction design project includes the following stages of turning-up of equipment and system commissioning:

  • Stage 1 - "The main building of the Bolshoi Theater", including concert and rehearsal room, elevated and underground passages; external engineering networks;
  • Stage 2 - "Office building" (the house of Khomyakov) at Kopevski lane. house 3/5; partial reconstruction of the Subsidiary and Engineering Building.

Specialists of Engineering Center GOChS "BASIS" performed the following works:

  • Development of SMES System (engineering design) of the main building and the auxiliary building (The 2nd stage of reconstruction, restoration and technical equipment of buildings and emergency response work, engineering design and survey work and revision of the project);
  • Production of technical documentation for SMES, SMIK and System of Crisis Situations Management; Construction, installation and commissioning.

*SMES - Structured System of Control and Monitoring Engineering Systems of Buildings and Facilities.