Engineering center

Integrated Duty Dispatching Center in Krasnoyarsk City

Integrated Duty Dispatching Center in Krasnoyarsk City is located at 68, Mira street, Krasnoyarsk.

Center for receiving messages of SMES* operates as a part of an Integrated Duty and Dispatching Center of the city.

It is designed for preventing and managing emergencies, fires at the facilities of the Krasnoyarsk Territory equipped with SMES*, as well as for maximum possible reduction of the damage and loss that can occure as the result of emergency.

SMES Messaging Center is designed for:

                                      • real-time reporting on incidents, accidents, fires, indicating the possibility of emergency situations from the objects of Krasnoyarsk region equipped with SMES;
                                      • timely notifying appropriate duty and dispatching services, dispatching, emergency, fire, supervisory and other. Krasnoyarsk region services received reports of accidents, fires, terrorist hazards, failure of performance of critically important security systems of engineering facilities in accordance with the signed agreements on information exchange;
                                      • emergency development monitoring on resolving incidents, accidents, fires, terrorist hazards, correcting functioning of critical important engineering systems at the facilities of the Krasnoyarsk region equipped with SMES.

*SMES - Structured System of Control and Monitoring Engineering Systems of Buildings and Facilities.