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Happy Victory Day of the Red Army, all the Soviet people over Nazi fascism and its allies in the Great Patriotic War!

Victory Day is a holiday of the Great Victory of the Red Army and the Soviet people over Nazi Germany and its allies in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.
The victory of the USSR with the allied USA, Great Britain and the anti-fascist Resistance of France, Yugoslavia, Greece and others determined the post-war structure and the world for decades.

Together with Nazi Germany, the troops of its allies invaded the territory of the USSR: Romania, Finland, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Austria.
All sorts of voluntary "fighters against Bolshevism" from Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, and Spain fought against the Soviet Union in the ranks of the German army and units of the SS.
During the war against the Soviet Union, the economic potential of all European countries was used, including even officially neutral ones.

The losses of the USSR amounted to various sources:

armed forces - up to 10,922,000;

civilians - 17,931,600;

total dead - 26,600,600;

Losses of the enemy Armed Forces on the Soviet-German front - 11,800,000,


- Germany - up to 5,318,000;

- Hungary - up to 713,767;

- Romania - 332,370;

- Finland - 218 377;

- Italy - 184,000;

- Slovakia - up to 30,000;

- Croatia - over 21,182;

- Czech Republic - up to 1000;

- Volunteers on the side of Germany:

  • Czechs and Slovaks - over 69,977;
  • French - over 29,000;
  • Danes - 9,506;
  • Norwegians – over 7,078;
  • Dutch - over 14,727;
  • Flemings (Belgians, Luxembourgers, French, Spaniards, even Albanians, Hindus, Arabs) - over 12,507;
  • Swedes - over 600;
  • and etc.

    These losses do not include the so-called Bandera, Vlasov, forest brothers.

    The holiday was established by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of May 8, 1945 and is celebrated on May 9 of each year.

    In 1945-1947 and since 1965, Victory Day was a non-working holiday.

    On Victory Day, military parades and festive fireworks will be held in many cities of Russia, in Moscow - a military parade and an organized procession to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with a wreath-laying ceremony.

    Happy Great Victory Day!