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Improving the qualifications of our specialists!

From March 16, 2022 to March 18, 2022, the engineers of CJSC "EC GOChS "BASIS" underwent advanced training under the program "Basic Course. Introduction to ANSYS Mechanical.

ANSYS is an advanced engineering analysis and simulation software used to solve a wide range of deformable solid mechanics problems including non-linear material properties, plasticity and contact interactions, including linear/non-linear dynamics, heat transfer, acoustics, and performance various multidisciplinary calculations.

ANSYS Mechanical is a high-tech toolkit for SMIC developers, which allows you to determine with high accuracy the location of the sensors and the boundary values of the angles of inclination, acceleration and natural vibration frequencies of structures for the monitoring passport. Increasing the reliability of the finite element model helps to detect and prevent violations in the operation of structures in advance and minimize the cost of repairing and restoring load-bearing structures to a state prior to the development of deformation.