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High-tech multifunctional medical complex

02/01/2024 BAZIS completed a set of works on the development of Working Documentation, construction, installation, and commissioning work on the installation of a Monitoring System for Engineering (Load-bearing) Structures, Hazardous Natural Processes and Phenomena (HMIC) "High-tech Multifunctional Medical Complex" (HMC), located at the address: Leningrad region, Vsevolozhsk district, Vsevolozhskoe forestry, Mednozavodsk district forestry, block No. 54.

SMIC allows you to monitor changes in the deformation state of the load-bearing structures of an object in real time. In the event of a deviation of the measured indicators from the normative ones by an amount more than established (Monitoring Passport), this information is automatically transferred to the DDS of the Facility and (optionally) the day-to-day management bodies of the Unified State System for the Prevention and Elimination of Emergency Situations (RSChS).

Technical solutions are implemented on the basis of the SMIS/SMIK software and hardware complex developed by the Engineering Center GOChS "BASIS" / LLC "BASISINTELLECT" (PTK SMIS/SMIK). This complex is the result of many years of joint work between the development organization and the All-Russian Research Institute for Civil Defense and Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia (FGBU VNII GOChS). The software and hardware complex SMIS/SMIC complies with the technical requirements of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations for software and hardware complexes of SMIS facilities interfaced with the day-to-day management bodies of the RSChS. The complex was accepted for supply by the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations by Order No. 257 of May 5, 2012.

Customer: MMC VT LLC

A high-tech multifunctional medical complex (HMMC) is being created in order to develop medical care activities in the North-West region, improve its quality, educational activities and conduct scientific research in the field of health protection based on the best world practices.

The complex, with an area of more than 200,000 m², will include an oncology center, a multidisciplinary clinic, a rehabilitation and sports medicine center, an educational complex and a radioisotope medicine center. All buildings will be connected by galleries.

The complex will be equipped with a range of modern world-class diagnostic and medical equipment. It will have its own ambulance substation, clinic, emergency room, emergency room and hospital.