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Happy Victory Day of the Red Army and the Soviet people over Nazi Germany and its allies in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945!

Nazi Germany, together with its allies, set the task of destroying the USSR and Russian statehood.

The victory of the USSR with the allies of the USA, Great Britain, with the armies of Poland, Czechoslovakia as part of the Red Army, and the anti-fascist Resistance of France, Yugoslavia, Greece, etc. determined the post-war structure and the World for decades.

Together with Nazi Germany, the troops of its allies invaded the territory of the USSR: Romania, Finland, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Austria.

All kinds of voluntary "fighters against Bolshevism" from Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, and Spain fought against the Soviet Union in the ranks of the German army and SS units.

In the war against the Soviet Union, the economic potential of all European countries was used, including even officially neutral ones.

USSR losses were based on various sources:

armed forces - up to 10,922,000;

civilians - 17,931,600;

total deaths - 26,600,600;

Losses of the enemy Armed Forces on the Soviet-German front - 11,800,000,


- Germany - up to 5,318,000;

- Hungary – up to 713,767;

- Romania – 332,370;

- Finland – 218,377;

- Italy - 184,000;

- Slovakia – up to 30,000;

- Croatia – over 21,182;

- Czech Republic – up to 1000;

Volunteers on the German side:

  • Chekhovs and Slovaks – over 69,977;
  • French – over 29,000;
  • Danes – 9,506;
  • Norwegians – over 7,078;
  • Dutch – over 14,727;
  • Flemings (Belgians, Luxembourgers, French, Spaniards, Albanians, Indians, Arabs) – over 12,507;
  • Swedes – over 600;
  • and others. The indicated losses do not include the so-called Bandera, Vlasov, and forest brothers.
  • On June 24, 1945, the Victory Parade took place on Red Square. To the foot of the mausoleum of V.I. Captured banners of the defeated enemy were thrown to Lenin.

    The holiday was established by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated May 8, 1945 and is celebrated on May 9 each year.

    In 1945-1947 and since 1965, Victory Day is a non-working holiday.

    On Victory Day, military parades and fireworks will be held in many Russian cities, and in Moscow there will be a military parade and an organized procession to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with a wreath-laying ceremony.

    Happy Great Victory Day!


    Through centuries, through years, -


    About those,

    who will never come again -


    Do not Cry!

    Hold back the moans in your throat,

    bitter moans.

    Be worthy of the memory of the fallen!



    Bread and song

    Dreams and poems

    spacious life,

    every second

    with every breath




    As long as hearts are knocking,



    at the cost

    happiness is won -

    please remember!

    Sending your song into flight, -


    About those,

    who will never sing again -


    Tell your children about them,

    so that


    Children's children

    tell us about them

    so that too


    At all times of the immortal Earth


    Leading ships to the twinkling stars,

    about the dead


    Meet the trembling spring,

    people of the Earth.

    Kill the war



    people of the Earth!

    Carry your dream through the years

    and life

    fill it up!..

    But about those

    who will never come again -

    I conjure, -


    Robert Rozhdestvensky

    Photo used for the postcard: "Victory!" Berlin, 1945 Author: Anatoly Arkhipov