Engineering center

Employees of EDDS MKU "Rescue Service" Norilsk completed training under the program “Work of EDDS duty personnel on the hardware and software complex “APK of the SMIS module”

The training center of LLC "BASIS-INTELLECT" conducted training for employees of the EDDS MKU "Rescue Service" in Norilsk according to the program: "Work of the EDDS duty personnel on the hardware and software complex "APK of the SMIS module" when receiving messages from monitoring and emergency prevention systems (SMIS ) objects". The duration of the lectures was 16 hours.

Classes were conducted during the period April 4–5, 2024 by practitioners of BAZIS-INTELLECT LLC in Norilsk. Based on the results of the training, 9 employees of the EDDS MKU "Rescue Service" received certificates of advanced training.

LLC "BASIS-INTELLECT" in accordance with the Federal Law of December 29, 2012 No. 273-FZ "On Education in the Russian Federation" provides training in SMIS in 20 advanced training programs: specialists of civil defense and emergency situations of executive authorities; operational personnel of the day-to-day management bodies of the RSChS (TsUKS EMERCOM of Russia, Situation Centers of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, EDDS, DDS of objects), expert specialists, construction and operating organizations of potentially dangerous and critically important facilities. The training format is adapted to the needs of organizations (traditional, distance, combined). Training is conducted by the best specialists in the industry - developers of standards, software, designers, specialists in commissioning and operation of SMIS.