Engineering center

A set of works was completed to put into operation the Engineering Systems Monitoring System (SMIS) of the Fuel Refueling Complex at Pulkovo Airport.

The delivery of a complex of SMIS technical equipment, construction and installation works.

The structured monitoring and control system for engineering systems of buildings and structures (SMIS) is designed for automatic monitoring of technological processes, engineering safety and life support systems, building structures of buildings and structures and transmission in real time, regardless of operation services, of information about the threat and occurrence of accidents and fires , emergency situations, including those caused by terrorist acts, through communication channels to the day-to-day management bodies of the RSChS.

SMIS technologies make it possible to ensure reliable control of the level of security of an object by monitoring the performance of technical means of protection and the capacity of duty and dispatch personnel, as well as to provide communication in crisis situations by determining the location of people within the boundaries of the object during an emergency.